My Advice to Aspiring TV Hosts

Hey there! Welcome to my blog. This is new to me, so feel free to let me know what you’d like to read here. (I’m thinking a mix of advice, cooking recipes, makeup/beauty, travel tips, etc... sound good?!) By the way, if we haven’t officially met, it’s lovely to meet you :)

In choosing my first topic, I thought I should start with the most frequently asked question I receive via email & social media… “What advice do you have for aspiring TV hosts?”

To be honest, this question always startles me because by no means do I think I have “made it” in my industry - my career has just begun. I have so much to still learn and a long list of future goals. I need as much advice as you! I will say this, I work really hard and my mind never stops because I love what I do SO MUCH. Also, I believe in any field, it’s best to support and encourage others. So this is my best advice, which I will share with you, and continue to tell myself too.

#1.) Be prepared and work hard

The entertainment business is unlike most others. There is typically not a simple application process, standard pay or rulebook. People often ask me where they can apply to become a TV host, what the starting salary is and what steps to take to get started. Here are my three short responses… 

  • You must “apply yourself” in every way possible. Know your brand & become an expert within that niche. Join all the casting sites and LITERALLY apply yourself. Get creative with how you reach out to others within the industry - network with meaning.  
  • If having a starting salary is a priority, then the entertainment business might not be for you. Starting TV host salary = WORK FOR FREE! (I know this isn’t ideal, but someone else will gladly take the work experience for no pay. Find a side hustle, or two.)
  • Since there is no rulebook on how to make your way into the industry, my advice is to stay true to yourself. Do what feels most on-brand for you. Make sure your social media, website, headshots and reel all feel consistent with who you are! Then, get busy paving your own way.

*If you put in the work and remain passionate, I’m positive that good things will happen.

#2.) Wiggle your way in and make yourself known

I hope someone comes along and offers you your dream job - That would be amazing! However, my experience is that you have to knock on AND open 100 doors for yourself before getting 1 yes. When you get that 1 opportunity, run with it. Even if it’s only 1/2 a yes, PROVE YOURSELF. Keep pushing. Wiggle your way right to where you want to be. It may take time, so be kind to yourself and learn to be patient. (I’m not good at this, but I’m working on it.)

  • Side note, to give an example of this, I’ll share the cliffnotes version of my first hosting gig story… I repeatedly messaged the owner of the network I believed I most identified with and finally he gave me an email address to the talent director. I set up a meeting with her and was told there were no open positions. Instead of taking this “no” as my answer, I went home and came up with over 15 creative content ideas that I pitched to her along with a “Thank You" for meeting with me email. Long story short, one of the concepts was picked-up, I was asked to host it, the segment was one of the most viewed segments of that month and I was asked back. 

*Wiggle, be kind and shine.

#3.) Believe in yourself

You’ve got to be strong. You’ve got to remain true to yourself. You’ve got to believe that you were created to do what you’re doing. In my core, I know I was created for this business. My happy place has always been on-camera, I could talk to a wall about what makes it special and I love people. Regardless of how much I believe in my capabilities, rejection hurts. Being told that you’re not qualified for the job, you don’t have enough Instagram followers or that you don’t look right for the part hurts. I don’t think that ever goes away, but that is just a part of this industry. SO YOU MUST BE STRONG AND FOLLOW YOUR GUT. If your gut knows that this is your path, stick with it. Believe in what you stand for, your skill-set and your dreams.  

*If you believe it, the universe will eventually catch on.

Best wishes! Chat soon, x